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Welcome to Activate IV and Cryotherapy!

Activate IV and Cryotherapy is a wellness recovery center focused on getting you back to your A-game as fast as possible. We have assembled a great staff and have state-of-the-art technology to serve all your recovery needs.  We provide wellness options for the high-end athlete looking for the competitive edge, the weekend warrior trying to stay healthy, the youth athlete trying to be their best, or anyone just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Our staff is highly educated and will provide recovery options that are tailored to your individual needs. Here at Activate IV and Cryotherapy, we strive to make our clients look and feel their best!   

Currently, Activate IV and Cryotherapy offers IV Drip Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Oxygen Therapy, Mild Hyperbaric Chamber, Aesthetics, Normatec Compression for the whole body, Red Light Therapy, and Cryoskin.

Please call the location you are interested in visiting to find out all of the services offered! Not all locations offer the same services.

Come spend your day with us to RELAX, REFUEL, and RESTORE!



* We accept HSA and FSA!

NOTE:      *We do not administer new IVs 45 minutes prior to our store closing hours. 

*If you are a new client in need of an IV....we request that you arrive

one hour prior to our store closing hours.

*NAD+ and NAD+ Enhancement IVs need to be scheduled.





Whole Body Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to temperatures colder than negative 200 degrees F for three minutes. Cryotherapy aids in muscular and joint pain relief. It also increases circulation, reduces inflammation, tightens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Cryotherapy is a natural detox and energy boost.

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NormaTec compression therapy combines three distinct massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release. Through these mechanisms, the NormaTec maximizes circulation throughout the body to help you feel better, train harder, and recover faster.

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IV Hydration Therapy is a treatment that utilizes an intravenous drip to introduce vital electrolytes, minerals, and amino acids directly and immediately into the body. IV Hydration Therapy has many benefits that alleviate and eliminate migraines, severe headaches, fatigue, athletic overexertion burnout, cold and flu, stomach bug, alcohol over-indulgence, brittle hair, dry skin, and many more.

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Words from our patients

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    "This was one of the best decisions I have made in quite some time! The staff was incredible and the environment was the same. I will definitely be a repeat customer!"

    Greg F.
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    "Hydration Station is amazing! If you are looking for a relaxing environment with first class service - you need to stop by Hydration Station! You won’t regret it!"

    Laurie C.
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    "The staff makes sure you know exactly what’s happening and how it’ll help you recover properly!! Absolutely love it here!"

    Gillian B.
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    "Went on New Year’s Day with my best friend to start the year off right with a Hydration boost! And man was it worth it! Can’t wait to go back! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

    Jennifer N.
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    "I’m so happy my husband and I found this place! Great staff & the cleanliness is unbelievable! Highly recommend for anyone needing a boost of energy. We will be back!"

    Brooke G.
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    "Tested positive for the flu. Came here got the immunity drip and I felt like a new person the next morning. Can’t say enough about these people."

    Chris R.

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